CONGRATULATIONS! You are in time to send

your talented material to

 VI International Festival of Comic Art "HaShoTiú".


 Applications are accepted from an adult audience, persons of any nationality and citizenship.

Each work needs a separate application!



 √ The Festival accepts works of comedy and related genres.

√ Works containing text (sounded or written) must be in Ukrainian, Russian or English or with subtitles in one of these languages.

√ Plays and stories should be original and written in Ukrainian or Russian.

√ Plays, movis and stories with famous heros, adapted or based on another works will not be accepted.

√ Applying works should not categorically contain obscene language, elements of thrash, vulgarity, sexual violence, nazism, racism, oppression of sexual / national minorities, should not be connected with politics or have political implication.


 √ Best Short Film Comedy

√ Best Animated Comedy

√ Best comedy play

√ Best comic story

√ Best comic photo.

If the material is for a children's audience,

near the name of the nomination in the application please make a note - FOR KIDS.



 For participation in the Festival it is necessary to send to the email address Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.:

√ APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION - DO NOT attach the file with the application,

   put it in the "body" of the letter;

√ PHOTOS of the author (applicant) - portrait 1Mb minimum;


√ Screen-shot or a file accepted Fee payment, exept applicants for Photo nomination. Or the name of work which was a winner of one of the Festivals "HaShoTiú" before. Organization Fee is not required for applicants whose works have been winners of the Festival before. However, we will be grateful if you have the opportunity to support the Festival. :) Very talanted applicants who are not able to pay Org. Fee can write a letter to Art Director of the Festival in point 12 of the Application. In the case of the positive decision, an answer about this will be sent.

The name of the file with the work must be in Latin and begin with the name of the applicant, then the first letter of his/her name and a title of the work: Tsibulko_S_Komedia.doc.

 THEME OF LETTER: Application for Festival of Comic Art "HaShtoTiú"

 The application must contain the following items:

 1. Nomination for which an application is submitted (according to the list of nominations)

 2. Title of the work

3. The name and surname of the applicant or team leader of the applicants (as should be indicated on your festival diploma).

You can also specify a pseudonym, which should appear when you are mentioned at events and in the materials of the Festival.

 4. Country and city of residence of the applicant, if desired - place of birth

 5. Brief information about the applicant (for the festival booklet),

 6. Contact phone number

7. e-mail

8. The main message of the work, that is what the author wants to convey to the audience. It is nenessary for effective advirtisement of your work.

9. The list of co-creators: co-author, scriptwriter, director, cameraman, actors and others, if applicable.

10. Timing - for films, the number of pages - for plays and stories.

11. In case of consent, write your name at the end of the sentence or clarify the sentence:

I agree that my works sent to the Festival can be placed on the official website of its organizer, as well as with the fact that my contacts can be provided to third parties, upon request, received by the organizers of the Festival. (FULL NAME of the Applicant)

 12. Any additional information.

Sending an application for the Festival, the applicant gives consent to the publication/presentation of the declared work in the framework of events related to the Festival.

  Responsibility for copyrights to the claimed works is borne by the Applicant.

 The materials provided are not returned.

Refusal to participate in the Festival is not commented on.

The maximum number of applications in each nomination from one applicant - three.

Organization Fee for each application, exept Photo nomination is 50 UAH / 5 USD / 5 EUR.

You can pay by the link bellow:


FILMS: in the letter with the application for participation, specify a link on which there is always access for downloading the film (NOT temporary), for example, on a Google disk or YouTube (it may be closed link). Considering different requirements of Cinemas, we recommend to send your movie in 2 formats: DCP and MP4/avi/mpeg/mov.

PLAYS & STORIES: please attach a text file in doc, docx, rtf format with a text written in Times New Roman font 12 keg. in 1 interval.

PHOTOS: please attach a photo in jpg format at least 1 MB. The name of the file - see the section APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION.


Dear talents! We are waiting for your applications for participation

in VI International festival of comedy art "HaShoTiú" before January 15, 2020.


We want you to be always in a humorous way :)